The Transfer Credit Comparison App
For Returning and Transfer Students
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What's different about returning and transfer students? Credit to transfer.
That is, if  the credit will transfer. Credit loss for the millions returning to college or transferring each year averages 15 to 35 credits*. That matters. It could mean an extra year or more of part-time study for the typical adult learner. It costs more and increases student debt. And, it reduces the odds of completing one's degree.
Now, the Transfer Credit Calculator's predictive technology, in minutes, is able to determine where these returning and transfer students are likely to earn the most credit in transfer for their prior work and have the fewest courses remaining to complete their degrees. The Calculator also compares the approximate tuitions for the estimated courses remaining to complete each degree after transfer credit has been awarded.

* Complete College America, 2012

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Introducing, the easy-to-use app that automates and streamlines the processing of military transcripts into reviewed, edited and approved recommendations that can be automatically imported, free of data entry, into your campus SIS. will save valuable time and make more time available for reaching out to and communicating with our nation's military learners, themselves.
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Feature-Rich Software for
Higher Education Portals
Incorporating the same underlying technology used in the Transfer Credit Calculator, DegreePool enables visitors to your state, consortium or other information-disseminating, lead-generating portal to learn which of your institutions and degrees are best suited to their background and goals.
Why is this important? Because the successful transfer of prior credit earned can be the number one determinant of degree completion.**
And DegreePool has much more. It offers a complete, vertically-integrated, cloud-based enrollment management system for participating institutions to better manage the recruiting and enrollment process. By simply logging in, institutions can access and use DegreePool's enrollment toolset to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their follow-up to portal visitors.

** Doyle, William R., Community College Transfer and College Graduation. Change, May/June 2006